Ukraine: Frontline Firing Still Light (Thankfully)

Glasnost Gone

As I reported last week, we’re into another of these periodical lulls in frontline firing. Each day, Russia’s forces are still popping off a few mortar and artillery shells, along with usual grenade launcher, machine gun fire and occasional dropping of grenades from UAV, but the overall volume of fire is down. This slackening of fire usually last but a few weeks, and then we get a predictable upsurge – Russia’s propaganda machine then claims Ukraine’s about to launch an offensive, or some other ridiculous fake news story. However, it should be noted the now regular use of artillery and mortar fire is leading to increased military and civilian casualties, along with damage to property. And every shell and bullet can kill.

Ukrainian military report on Sept 20th firing. During the day, Russia’s forces had been silent with no reported firing. However, under cover of darkness, 5 ceasefire violations…

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