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My Grandfather served in the RAF during WWII as an engineer on Wellington bombers. The stories he told me of his experiences sparked my interest in history and world events at a young age. I watched the news regularly and have so many pivotal events etched in my memory. The Solidarity movement in Poland and fall of the communist regime. The end of the civil war in Lebanon that consumed such a beautiful country and people. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the fall of communism across central and eastern Europe. The dissolution of the Soviet Union and Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia finally gaining their independence. Then such awful events, like the Yugoslav wars, the return of ethnic cleansing and concentration camps in Europe. All this has shaped my lens on the world, my love of those that have the courage to resist, to fight for their freedom and democracy. My absolute intolerance of authoritarian regimes, dictators, fascists, populists and injustice.

Now we see the world at a tipping point again with the resurgence of the far right, Putin’s Russia seeking to restore its former empire, Putin waging his hybrid war on the free world and propping up authoritarian regimes, once strong democracies succumbing to Russian interference, to xenophobia, corruption, nationalism, populism and fascism. This represents a clear and present danger to the survival of freedom and democracy. Our governments, politicians, democratic institutions, security services are either to weak to counter this assault or already compromised. Thus we can only rely upon ourselves to resist, only the people who can unite in common cause to defend our collective democracy. Thus I’m doing what I can to reach out across borders in solidarity, to unite in resistance, to help spread awareness and to shine a light on those dark forces waging a war on democracy.

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Solidarity Renewed

Working to unite people across borders in common purpose to defend Freedom & Democracy

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