The Rule of Law

The U.K. was considered to be a stable democracy, a reliable partner on the world stage, today this ended when Brandon Lewis, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, announced to parliament, in the House of Commons, that the so called Government of the not so United Kingdom intended to break international law ‘in very specific and limited way’ in Brandon Lewis’s weasel words. Doesn’t matter which way they spin this, it’s still an unlawful act, that directly assaults the rule of law and undermines the world order.

The U.K. is now a pariah state, no longer trusted, alienating its closest allies and trading partners. It’s diplomatic standing eviscerated, the regimes actions now aid the enemy’s of democracy, freedom and peace. It appears the U.K. has now entered the end game, reduced to 3rd rate failed state, no longer respected, a laughing stock, a drift in sea of corruption, ideological extremism, populism and nationalism. The words of Aleksandr Yakovenko former Russian Ambassador to U.K. now resonate “We have crushed the British to the ground, they are on their knees and they will not rise for a very long time.”.

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